Forró Trip to Brazil with Eliano Braz

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Tickets to Four Famous Clubs in Fortaleza:

Pirata, Arri-Eguá, Crocrobeach &  KUkukaya 



Excursions to beaches and mountains, 

enjoy Forró master classes in paradise.

Castelo’s Bed & Breakfast


Lodging included, Castelo’s Bed & Breakfast. Right on Praia De Iracema. Great location. Near the biggest cultural center in the city, traditional markets, beach boardwalk, and nightlife.  


Fortaleza, Luis Gonzaga’s Heartland

Forrozeiros, Travel with me to Brazil! Specifically to Fortaleza-Ceará, the place where Luis Gonzaga lived for a portion of his life. 

The full tour package will include:

* Round trip Airfare*

*Trip preparations: Visa advice,  Learn basic conversational Portugese one month prior, 3 lessons per week. Group lesson.

Schedule after we have arrived

Day 1: Arrive Brazil, travel via Forró shuttle to Bed and Breakfast, relax and eat. Go to Club Pirata for an evening of Forró music and dance at club #1.

Day 2: Morning Forró dance workshop #1. All levels welcome. Lunch. An evening of Forró music and dance at Arri-Egua, club #2.

Day 3: Trip to Guaramiranga, a lovely mountainous region with a beautiful waterfall. Evening bbq and enjoy nature. Stay overnight there.

Day 4: Morning Forró dance workshop #2 in Guaramiranga.  Lunch. Travel back to B&B. An evening of Forró music and dance at Croco Beach, club #3.

Day 5: Morning Forró dance workshop #3. Lunch. An evening of Forró music and dance at KuKuKaya, club #4.

Day 6: Beach tour. Travel to three beaches: Morro Braco, Canoa quebrada then Praia Da Redonda and stay there overnight. 

Day 7: Travel back to B&B, relax.

Day 8: Shuttle back to airport, Fly back to NYC.